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Statement from the Chancellor of the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland (ROCOR)

His Grace Bishop Irinei
His Grace Bishop Irinei
His Grace Bishop Irinei

"At the recent Sobor of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia, held in Munich from the 9th - 14th June 2017, His Grace Bishop Irinei of Sacramento was appointed the Administrator of the British Diocese. Governance of our diocese will henceforth be carried out by Bishop Irinei on behalf  of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, locum tenens of the diocese itself, and both Hierarchs will be commemorated at all divine services of the Diocese. May the Lord preserve the Hierachy of the Russian Orthodox Church!"

His Grace Bishop Irinei has written to his clergy to clarify his role in the administration of the Diocese. He will remain a vicar bishop of the Western American Diocese and will continue to reside in the United States. He intends to visit the Diocese as often as he can starting in August with a visit for the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. During that visit he hopes to gather a meeting of all his clergy and to call the first meeting of the diocesan council.

The commemorations at all services are as follows:-

In the litanies: “For our Great Lord and Father, His Holiness Kyrill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia; for Our Lord the Most Reverend Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad; and for Our Lord the Right Reverend Bishop Irenei; for the venerable priesthood… etc.”

“О великомъ господинѣ и отцѣ нашемъ, святѣйшемъ патріарсѣ Кириллѣ, и о господинѣ нашемъ высокопреосвященнѣйшемъ митрополитѣ Иларіонѣ, первоіерарсѣ Русскiя зарубежныя церкве, и о господинѣ нашемъ преосвященнѣйшемъ епископѣ Иринеѣ, честнемъ пресвитерствѣ… и т.д.”

At the Great Entrance: “Our Great Lord and Father, His Holiness Kyrill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia; Our Lord the Most Reverend Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern-America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad; and Our Lord the Right Reverend Irenei, Bishop of Sacramento, may the Lord God remember in His Kingdom… etc.”

“Великаго господина и отца нашего Кирилла, Святѣйшаго Патріарха Московскаго и всея Руси, и господина нашего высокопреосвященнѣйшаго Иларіона, первоиерарха Русскія зарубежныя церкве, и господина нашего преосвященнѣйшаго Иринея, епископа Сакраментскаго, да помянетъ Господь Богъ во Царствіи Своемъ… и т.д.” 

Any questions of a particular nature relating to the administrative functioning of the Diocese should be directed in the first instance to the Chancellor of the Diocese, the Very Reverend Archpriest Paul Elliott, 58 Shrewsbury Road, Prenton Birkenhead, CH43 2HY

The Apostles Fast 12.06.17 - 12.07.17

St Peter and St Paul
St Peter and St Paul
St Peter and St Paul

 The Apostles Fast is less severe than Great Lent. Although we abstain from Meat and Dairy products throughout these weeks, we may have fish, wine and oil for all days except Wednesdays and Fridays when the usual vegan rules apply.

Troparion — Tone 4

First-enthroned of the apostles, / teachers of the universe: / Entreat the Master of all / to grant peace to the world, / and to our souls great mercy!

Kontakion — Tone 2

O Lord, Thou hast taken up to eternal rest / and to the enjoyment of Thy blessings / the two divinely-inspired preachers, the leaders of the Apostles, / for stou have accepted their labours and deaths as a sweet-smelling sacrifice, / for Thou alone knoweth what lies in the hearts of men.

New Diocesan Facebook Page

You can find the new Diocesan Facebook page at

This has been started by Reader Philip at Cheltenham with the Blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion. Do take a look. There is  now a recording of Bishop Irinei speaking at the Cheltenham parish during the visit of the Myrrh Streaming Icon of the Mother of God of Iviron from Hawaii. This was recorded by Irina Borisas on that evening and a link to reports on the Sobor in Munich and the consecration of the Cathedral there on the 15th June.


The Fund for Assistance
The Fund for Assistance
The Fund for Assistance

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Please consider supporting the Fund for Assistance which supports Priests and Parishes in need.



Our Diocese

Bishop Nicholai
Bishop Nicholai
Bishop Nicholai
Metropolitan Hilarion
Metropolitan Hilarion
Metropolitan Hilarion
Bishop Irinei
Bishop Irinei
Bishop Irinei
The Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland (ROCOR)

There has been a Russian Church in London for about 300 years, After the Russian Revolution the Imperial Embassy Chapel was closed and a new home was sought for the parish. It became a diocese in 1929 when Archmandrite Nicholas Karpov was consecrated as Bishop of London and took up residence in the UK.In 1932 he reposed in the Lord whilst visiting the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (Karlovtski Synod) in the then Kingdom of Serbia. The next bishop to reside in London and have oversight of the parishes in the United Kingdom was the ever-memorable Archbishop Nikodem (Nagaieff), who was bishop in London from 1954 until his death in 1976, at the age of 93. Initially, Bishop Nikodem was a suffragan bishop under the ompohor of Archbishop John (glorified in 1994 as Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco) who, from 1953 to 1962, was Archbishop of Brussels and Western Europe. The next bishop to reside in London was Bishop Constantine (Jessensky) of blessed memory who retired in 1986. In the same year, Archbishop Mark was appointed as ruling hierarch for London and Great Britain. The Cathedral parish moved to its present location in Chiswick, West London, in 1990, having previously been at Emperor's Gate, London SW7. For a more detailed history see "Embassy, Emigrants, and Englishmen" by Fr Christopher Birchall, published by Holy Trinity Press, Jordanville in 2014. Archbishop Mark retired as Ruling Bishop of the British Diocese on the 8th December 2016 at the Synod meeting in New York. The First Hierarch of the Russian Church outside Russia, Metropolitan Hilarion, is now the current Ruling Bishop. At its Sobor in Germany from the 9th - 14th June, the Synod of Bishops appointed Bishop Irinei of Sacramento as administrator of the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland. (ROCOR).

The two parts of the Russian Church remained divided for many decades but came together in the Act of Canonical Communion in May 2007. ROCOR remains self governing with its own Synod of Bishops which normally meets in New York. Its First Hierarch is Metropolitan Hilarion. ROCOR has witnessed to the traditions it inherited from before the Russian Revolution. It has, and continues to have, a vibrant missionary spirit, and seeks to both support Russian Orthodox Christians outside Russia and to spread the Gospel of Christ to the peoples of a wide range of countries.



News from around the diocese

Sobor opens in Munich
Sobor opens in Munich
Sobor opens in Munich

 Photos of Vladika Hilarion and Vladika Irinei's recent visits can be found below and a report of their visits can be found in News Archive on this site.

Slide shows of photos of Vladika's Hilarion and Vladika Irinei's recent visits can be viewed at 

The Diocesan website now has between 3000 - 4000 visitors a month which is very encouraging. 73% are from the UK and the remainder mainly from the USA and the Russian Federation. 

Advanced notices... please send news items and information to Father Paul at  

  • Fr Paul travelled to Munich on Monday 12th June closely followed by Fr Peter and Fr Vitaly. Fr Paul represented the Diocese at the consecration of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Munich and Fr Peter and Fr Vilaly represented the Cathedral Parish. The Consecration of the Cathedral  in Munich was on Thursday 15th June at the conclusion of the Synod of Bishops which is meeting in Munich. At the reception after the Consecration Fr Paul presented Vladika Mark with  two embroidered Orlets (eagle rugs) as a small retirement present from the British Diocese. There were meetings in Munich which involved discussions about the British Diocese surrounding its administration, episcopal visits, pilgrimages, youth work and the future consecration of the Cathedral in London.
  • Fr Peter Baulk is presently on Sabbatical. Fr Vitaly Serapinas is currently the main point of contact at our cathedral.
  • Mettingham is organising a pilgrimage to St Botolph's Iken on Saturday 1st July  at 11:00 for a Moleben with the Akathist. For more information see www,
  • Morning and Evening Prayers have been added to this site to enable the faithful to access these traditional prayers where ever they are. Further prayers will be added to this site. The Typika for Sundays served by a Reader can be seen  at 
  • The next  Liturgy at the Parish of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Cardiff  on Saturday 24th June. The Liturgy will be held at the Anglican Church of St Mary just nest to the Greek Church in Bute Street, Confessions at 08:00 and Divine Liturgy at 09:00. he Greek Church is undergoing repairs. See  Father Mark now arranges Liturgies and hopes to be serving more often in future.
  • The next liturgy at the Parish of St Vladimir in Cheltenham will be at 10:00 on Sunday 25th June. This is on a Sunday this month and will be followed by the annual parish meeting. The parish has a very lively facebook page which is always worth a visit at the parish facebook page. For more details of services please see here.  There will be a parish Fete on Sunday 2nd July from 13:00 -17:00 in partnership with the Greek Parish. 
  • For services  in the Parish of St John of Shanghai, Belfast check on the Belfast Parish Website.  Please note that the parish has moved into a smaller chapel in the church hall complex  just near their former church. The post code remains the same. There will be a liturgy on the Feast of St John of Shanghai on Saturday 1st July served, with the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion, by Fr David who normally serves the Georgian parish in Dublin.
  • Father Sergey Mironenko has been ordained to serve the parish of St Colman's Stradbally. More regular services will then be possible though support will continue to be provided by the Cathedral clergy.
  • The Parish of St John of Shanghai, Colchester has just published a magazine for young people called "Searchlight" More details can be obtained from the editor, Mary Kisliakov. To obtain copies please contact Mary on  A new edition has just been published.
  • The Altar Feast of the Parish of St John of Shanghai, Colchester is on Saturday 1st July. Fr Andrew cordially invites members of the diocese to join the parish on this occasion. Vladika Irinei has asked there to be an organised pilgrimage from the London Cathedral to Colchester on that day. Details should be available from the Cathedral.
  • The Russian Orthodox Parish of St Alexander Nevsky has monthly Liturgies in Norwich. It  has its own website at  Check the website for the next Liturgy.
  • The Diocesan Website is blessed to be used to advertise and develop pilgrimages both here in the United Kingdom and abroad. Please let Fr Paul know if you have any plans. 





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This website is published with the blessing of his Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion. First Hierarch of The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and Ruling Hierarch of the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland (ROCOR)

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