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Feast of the Meeting Thursday 15th February

The Great Feast of the Meeting of our Saviour Jesus Christ in the Temple February 2nd/15th

This year the Great Feast of the Meeting falls on a Thursday. At this feast, the faithful often bring candles to be blessed that they will be using in their own homes. The Feast  commemorates when the Mother of God and St Joseph the Betrothed take the infant Savior to the Temple in Jesruslaem 40 days after His birth . In the Temple they are met by St Simeon the Rightious and St Anna the Prophetess. Both have been waiting in their old age, to greet the Messiah. St Simeon takes the Christ child into his arms, recognising Him as "The Light to enlighten the Gentiles..." It is in remembrance of this Light that we have candles blessed on this day.

There are services across the Diocese:

London Cathedral: Hours and Divine Liturgy 09:30

Colchester: Hours and Divine Liturgy 10:00

Wallasey : Hours and Divine Liturgy with Blessing of Candles 10:00

Mettingham: Hours and Divine Liturgy 10:10


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