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The Diocesan Administration

The Diocese is a spiritual family, headed by our Hierarchs together with our beloved clergy, who strive to live the 'Life in Christ' — the Holy Orthodox Faith — together with all the flock as one Body seeking to be 'made perfect in Christ' (cf. Hebrews 10.14).

In order to facilitate this Godly work throughout the parishes, schools, missions, colleges, printing houses, and other resources of the the Diocese, various administrative structures exist to aid the Bishops, the Clergy, and the Faithful in their work.

The Diocesan Assembly

Following the standard canonical practices of the Statutes of the ROCOR, the Diocesan Assembly plays a role in the organisation and administration of Diocesan life, engaging in such activities as receiving the Diocesan Statutes and, with the blessing of the Diocesan Hierarchy, electing members of the Diocesan Council.

  • Chair of the Diocesan Assembly: His Grace Bishop Irenei of Richmond and Western Europe
  • Senior Priest (Vice Chair of the Assembly): Archpriest Andrew Phillips
  • Chancellor of the Diocese: Archpriest Paul Elliott
  • Diocesan Secretary: Reader Philip Hicks
  • Diocesan Treasurer: Deacon Mark Tattum Smith
The Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council meets when it is called by the Bishop. It has a constitution and advises the Ruling Bishop on a wide range of matters concerning the administration of the Diocese. The members of the Diocesan Council are elected every three years or when the Diocesan Assembly is called. There are clergy members and lay members of the Diocesan Council.

The Chair of the Diocesan Council is His Grace Bishop Irenei of Richmond and Western Europe

The Chancellor of the Diocese, Archpriest Paul Elliott is an ex officio member of the Diocesan Council

Clergy members of the Council are: Archpriest Andrew Phillips, Archpriest Peter Baulk, Archpriest Vitaly Serapinas, Hieromonk Mark (Underwood), Father Sergey Mironenko, Fr Deacon Mark Tattum Smith

Lay members of the Diocesan Council are:  Mr Gregory Wolcough, Reader Philip Hicks, Readedr Andrei Borisas and Mrs Olga Smirnova.

Minutes of the Diocesan Council are kept by the Chancellor of the Diocese. 

Trustees of the Diocese

As a Charitable Trust, the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland has a board of three Trustees whose legal duty is to ensure the canonical continuity of the Diocese in terms of its establishment in Law. The Trustees of the Diocese are, at present, its Chancellor Archpriest Paul Elliott, Archpriest Peter Baulk, and Mr Gregory Wolcough. For the qualification of the Diocese as a Charity, four Trustees or officers are named who have specific duties. These are Archpriest Paul Elliott, Deacon Mark Tattum-Smith, Subdeacon Chad Newman and Reader Philip Hicks. The Diocese is in the process of formal registration with the Charity Commision.

Diocesan Spiritual Court

In concert with the standards of ecclesiastical governance established in the Statutes of the ROCOR, our Diocese has a Spiritual Court which, as an advisory body to the Ruling Bishops, considers specific matters of Church discipline related to marriage, clergy life and service, etc. The Spiritual Court convenes as required, and operates according to the normal ROCOR Statutes. The members of the Spiritual Court are those members of the Diocesan Council in priests orders.

Diocesan Media

The Diocesan Web Site

This web site is an official publication of the Diocese, published with the blessing of its Hierarchy. It is maintained largely through the labours of the Diocesan Chancellor and other volunteers based at the Parish of St Elisabeth the New Martyr, Wallasey, where the Diocesan Chancellery is presently located.

For news items or other materials that might be considered for publication on this web site, please contact Archpriest Paul Elliott on frpaulelliott@aol.com

The Diocesan Facebook Page

The Diocese also maintains an active Facebook Page, used to post more immediate news and announcements, photographs of Diocesan life and activities, notice of future events, etc. It is maintained chiefly by Reader Phillip Hicks of the Cheltenham Parish, to whom materials for potential posting can be sent on phil@kredoconsulting.com

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Welcome to the web site of the Russian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland. We invite you to explore the host of information provided here, and above all to visit one of our parishes to join us in prayer to the Holy Trinity in a land where Holy Orthodoxy was introduced in Apostolic times.

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