Русская Праволавная Церковь Заграницей

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia


Велико-Британская и Ирландская Епархия

Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland


Марк, Архиепископ Берлинcкий, Германcкий и Велико-Британcкий и Ирландский


Mark, Archbishop of Great Britain and Ireland


Diocesan Assembly

April 16th 2016

Dear Revd Fathers

You are asked to attend the Diocesan Assembly at 12:00 noon at the Cathedral on Saturday 16th April 2016 before the Great Unction Service. Please do your best to attend and bring at least one lay representative from each parish if possible.  


                                 RSVP by email to





1.    Those present and apologies.

2.    Receive Diocesan Constitution.

3.    Appointments of officers, chancellor and lay secretary / treasurer.

4.    Appointment of members of the Spiritual Court.

5.    Discussion of Diocesan Committees/ representation etc.

6.    Archbishop Mark’s report.

7.    Reports from the parishes etc.

8.    Plans for 2016-2017.

9.    A.O.B.

10. Date of next Diocesan Assembly



+ Марк,

Архиепицкоп Берлинский, Германский, Велико-Британский и Ирландский

+ Mark,

Archbishop of Great Britain and Ireland